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Internet for HOME
Hansin Broadband is the most affordable high speed broadband service you can find.Hansin Broadband ensures delivery of Broadband to customers without digging through premises. A wireless connection up to your home makes the installation quick and hassle free. A CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) receives the wireless signal from your rooftop and leads to a safe and reliable wired connection to your PC ,Laptop or Router.Customers can be comfort assured of the wireless security.Todays all Homes are getting richer with newer devices and wireless appliances that need to connect the internet like Laptops,PCs,Printers,  High end phones, Digital Photo Frames, Surveillance Cameras etc. Our subscribers shall find privilege of using these devices wirelessly in their homes with our Home Wi-Fi Solution.The Home Wi-Fi Solution parole to over-simplify the complicated act of networking of these devices and wireless appliances without disorder the interiors.

Internet for SME
Opting the suitable mode is one of the key factors in the success of an emerging business. When it is about to internet connectivity, having the right partner helps you decrease expenses and decay, and now the time to your business left behind home broadband connections and switched to high-speed wireless internet from Hansin Broadband.We help you optimise your business, by giving you the right plans that are best suited to your needs.And as our privileged customer, you can enjoy a host of tailor-made solutions, which include uninterrupted connectivity, dedicated speeds, and 24x7 support. A professional broadband connection that delivers the speed it promises, Hansin Broadband will ensure your business is all set to scale new heights.

Internet for Corporate User

Hansin Broadband are in a position to provide the entire arena of internet connectivity and its related services for our clients. Enterprises today have Internet delivered to their offices over cable or fibre line. With infrastructure work on the enhancement and a uncountable of utilities causing digging of roads, cable cuts are unavoidable. This leads to significant Internet down-time affecting business.To address this concern we provide internet connectivity solution through prudent and tested Radio technology as well as fiber. The wireless delivery medium is free from outages due to cable cuts.


                              Usage Report to help our clients to know their usage

                                                                                                       Provide static real IP address for servers

                                                                                                       Effective bandwidth utilization using load balancing.

                                                                                                       Near 100% uptime using Link Failover.

                                                                                                       24/7 monitoring and support


Hansin Broadband has developed a comprehensive system hotspot, able to meet the most complex needs of Hotels, Colleges and Corporates. Each hotspot server comes personalized integrating your login information, your logo, images, and any information you want on the page.To your subscriber or user you can give a coupon with an access code (username & password), he identifies and surf freely. It's fast, without unnecessary formalities, but with all the required safety as your connections are recorded via our module.Your subscriber or user can use your services with a valid access code for xx hours, days, weeks, or months.